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There is a great misconception that spreadsheets have to look like grid lined tables. At worker ant we do not believe this to be the case. Our designers are experts in making Excel look not only presentable and publishable, but beautifully designed.

Our designers have extensive experience working with global companies in updating their financial spreadsheets into a presentable format that maintains all Excel functionality and formulas. These projects have included the design of fund fact sheets for a number of banks and investment fundsEvery company is unique, and so are its data representation needs.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist design, vibrant visuals, or interactive elements, our team is equipped to deliver spreadsheets tailored to your individual requirements.

Excel Design Agency


MS Publisher is the desktop publishing tool offered by Microsoft. A number of clients do not have the Adobe creative Suite or the specific skill set the software requires, yet still need designed documents that they can edit. Microsoft publisher is the perfect product for this as it is part of the Microsoft Suite.

Worker Ant has designed and developed a number of MS publisher newsletter and fund fact sheet templates that are in a print ready CMYK format. These documents are easily editable without having to learn any additional software.

MS publisher is the perfect tool for creating print ready design documents from the Microsoft suite.

Publisher Specialists


At Worker Ant we have taken our PowerPoint design and development experience and adapted it to optimise Google Slides for our clients. We can assist in the designing of slides, the development of colour themes and templates and the setup of master slides. Our team can also assist in refining your content and creating guidelines that make sure all user understand how to use and get the most out of Google Slides.

We have successfully completed Google Slides design and template projects across diverse industries, including retail, education, financial services, and consulting. In Worker Ant you have a partner committed to elevating your presentations to the next level.

Google Slides Agency


Google Docs has emerged as one of the go-to platforms for collaborative document creation and editing. At Worker Ant, we’ve taken our expertise in document design and applied it seamlessly to Google Docs. 

We specialise in creating templates that reflect your brand’s identity, ensuring consistency and professionalism in every document. From reports and proposals to more simple letterheads, our designs enhance readability and engagement. 

We aim to empower our clients, ensuring they use Google Docs to its fullest potential.

Google Docs Designer


Worker Ant has extensive experience in developing custom keynote presentations. With the rapid changes in audience preferences, it’s crucial for presentations to be engaging, visually appealing, and aligned with the brand’s message. We ensure that each slide tells a compelling story. By using a combination of visuals, concise text, and interactive elements. 

Advertising agencies we have worked with include M& Saatchi Abel, Ogilvy, and Brand Union.

Keynote Design Company


Designing Adobe and MS Word fill-in forms is a key part of Worker Ant’s business. Worker Ant has been involved in a number of large-scale form rollout projects. These projects include compiling, standardising and redesigning thousands of forms.

We have consulted with a number of companiesin the development and implementation of forms in their brand development projects.

MS Word Forms


Worker Ant has extensive experience in the full Adobe creative Suite. Though our primary focus is the development and design of Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents and templates, we have the necessary skills and experience to create Adobe designed brochures, catalogues and all other collateral.

From a purely design perspective nothing beats Adobe and we incorporate a number of Adobe design elements in our documents and presentations.

Adobe Indesign Agency

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