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Beautiful MS Word designs

Microsoft word is far more than just a word processing tool. Our exceptional word design team produce documents that look like they have been designed in one of the more conventional layout programs. Our experience includes overhauling large corporate proposal documents, designing bid and tender documents and developing word templates.

Interactive MS Word forms

Protective word forms with full in fields and drop-down menus are a speciality of worker ant design. We have been involved in a number of large scale Word form design projects involving thousands of forms. Forms designed in Microsoft Word can look great, while still maximising all the Microsoft Word functionality.

Projects and templates for globally recognised clients

We have consulted on a number of high value proposal documents. These documents are typically developed by many people with contrasting styles, design ideas and layouts. Our team, working to very tight deadlines, will take these individual segments and combine them into a beautiful, consistent and seamless document. Companies spend large amounts of money preparing and researching these high-value proposals. When needed worker ant provides a 24-hour solution to ensure these documents look fantastic, while meeting submission deadlines.

The complete MS Word partner

Worker ant offers a complete Microsoft Word solution. This includes everything from overhauling documents and re-drawing diagrams to offering copywriting and proofreading services. We will ensure that your hard work is correctly and beautifully presented.

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